September 25, 2022

We have prepared the details of the “Along For The Ride” movie, which is among the Netflix May 2022 content, for you.

Along For The Ride About:

Originally due to be released in April, Along for the Ride has been pushed back to early May for its global release.

Produced by Screen Arcade, this new romance teen movie stars Emma Pasarow, Andie MacDowell, Dermot Mulroney, and Kate Bosworth.

It’s based on the book by Sarah Dessen and is about two teens enjoying what summer they have left together before they head out to college.

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Director; Sofia Alvarez
Writers; Sofia AlvarezSarah Dessen(based on the novel by)

Along For The Ride Full Cast & Crew

Emma Pasarow
Andie MacDowell
Dermot Mulroney
Kate Bosworth
Belmont Cameli
Genevieve Hannelius
Laura Kariuki
Samia Finnerty
Paul Karmiryan
Ricardo Hurtado (For more)

We have prepared the subject, cast and trailer of the movie “Along For The Ride”, which is among the most beautiful movies to be released in 2022. We strongly recommend you to watch this magnificent movie, which will last 1 hour and 46 minutes.