September 25, 2022

Details of the last episode of the popular soap opera “Coronation Street” of ITV channel are with you. Coronation Street 27th May 2022 Full Episode…

Coronation Street 27th May 2022 Full Episode

The soap opera Coronation Street, which has been broadcast on the ITV channel since 1960, is a beautiful drama series about town life. The series, which was broadcast twice a week at first, started to be broadcast six times a week in 2017. The series was conceived by screenwriter Tony Warren. In 2010, it went down in history as the world’s longest-running television series.

Coronation Street spoiler: Abi confesses all to Kevin

Episode 10,650 – 10,651 | Airs Friday 27 May 2022 at 20:00 on ITV

Abi gets the two fake passports and plans to travel to Costa Rica. Kevin admits that he’s never stopped loving her. Abi admits that she’s leaving tomorrow and taking Alfie with her.

Abi pleads with Kevin to keep her plan a secret. However, Kevin tells Debbie about Abi’s crazy plan to abduct Alfie. Debbie asserts that he has two choices, tell Imran or hope that she gets away with it.

Kevin approaches Imran in the street, but will he come clean about Abi’s plan?

Meanwhile, having secretly tipped her insulin down the sink, Summer sets off for her exam. As Summer embarks on her maths exam, her vision becomes blurred. Summer’s horrified to realise she’s left her diabetic kit at home.

As Summer is loaded into an ambulance, she tearfully explains to Aadi that her blood sugar level is sky high, will she be okay?

Elsewhere, a guy called Frank calls in The Rovers and flirts with Sean and it’s obvious he’s smitten. As Frank leaves, Jenny urges Sean to go after him.

Also today, Faye researches alternative therapies to HRT on the internet. Beth advises Faye to avoid dodgy websites and go with the HRT as the doctor knows best. Faye’s left disheartened and Craig wishes his mum would shut up.