December 10, 2022

Eric Weddle is a former American football player who married his beautiful wife, Chanel Weddle, in 2004.

He is one of the most famous faces in the NFL, and his path to a Super Bowl title is said to be unique, something no one in the league has ever done. After retiring from the team in 2019, he took office in 2021, winning Super Bowl LVI with the Los Angeles Rams. He is now retired and enjoys spending quality time with his family after retirement.

He was also announced as the head coach of a local high school team. Earlier this year, Weddle was named the new head coach of Rancho Bernardo High School. Weddle officially became head coach after one season as Tristan McCoy’s assistant.


Eric Weddle’s Quick Facts
Profession Former NFL Player
Played For San Diego Chargers, Baltimore Ravens, Los Angeles Rams
DOB January 4, 1985
Birthplace Fontana, California
Marital Status Married
Wife Chanel Weddle
Children Silver Jean Weddle, Gaige Weddle, Kamri Joe Weddle, Brooklyn Marie Weddle


Meet Eric Weddle’s Wife, Chanel Weddle
Eric and his beautiful wife, Chanel Weddell, married in 2005 after dating for many years.

Eric and Chanel first met at Rancho Cucamonga at Altaloma High School in California. They dated for a while before Eric got married at 20, just before he finished his junior year. The couple actively participated in the school’s sports teams while in college.

They have been able to maintain one of the purest relationships. Even though they are married and are below average early in their careers, they are even considered one of the most attractive sports couples of the moment. After they got married, they started going through a lot of life. Chanel is still in college and Eric is in the early stages of his career. In order for everything to go smoothly, some changes are required.