October 3, 2022

Watch the last episode of General Hospital. General Hospital what happened today? Watch the full episode of General Hospital, April 20, 2022.

General Hospital April 20, 2022

General Hospital is one of the most watched soap operas. People are searching on youtube and google search engines to watch the last episode of General Hospital. You can watch the last episode for free here.

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General Hospital Comments

You would’ve thought that Ashland would try to get out the passenger side, as obvious the driver side was damaged

Victoria is going to feel indebted to Ashland

Ray had to get killed off to devastate Chelsea and allow Nick & Sharon to get back together… You know it’s a good thing visuals don’t count in GC because the thought of how many guys Sharon has beded is mind boggling

Why is Adam acting like he give a damn about Victoria 😂😂

So u tape a whole episode without these constant start overs?? Omg this is totally ridiculous man