September 25, 2022

General Hospital 12th May 2022 Watch Online Free youtube. General Hospital 12th May 2022 watch GH 5-12-22 Full Episode.

General Hospital 12th May 2022 Full Episode GH 5-12-22 Watch online free. “General Hospital”, one of the Emmy®-winning series of ABC television channel, is both the longest-running drama and the longest-running American soap opera currently in production. We have researched the details of the last section of General Hospital for you. General Hospital Preview, General Hospital 11th May 2022 Preview…

General Hospital 11th May 2022 Preview

Carly is on a fact-finding mission. Terry and Chet’s date goes well until she learns something that throws her for a loop. Nina and Ava discuss the potential outcomes of the visitation hearing. Curtis and TJ clash over what to do next about Marshall. Josslyn isn’t the only one who notices the attraction between Rory and Trina.

Nina and Carly face off at Charlie’s. Alexis visits Willow to talk about Harmony. Ned confronts Drew and Michael about their plans for ELQ. Spencer searches Esme’s room for evidence. Joss and Trina are furious at Cameron for his behavior.