September 25, 2022

General Hospital 17 August 2022 Full Episode GH 8/17/22 Watch Online free. General Hospital full episodes 17 August 2022 Full Episode GH 8/17/22.

“General Hospital”, one of the Emmy®-winning series of ABC television channel, is both the longest-running drama and the longest-running American soap opera currently in production. We have researched the details of the last section of General Hospital for you. General Hospital Preview, General Hospital 16 August 2022 Preview.

General Hospital 17 August 2022 Preview

Michael and Drew receive an unexpected offer from Carly. At his birthday party, Leo reminds Chase of the promise he made. Ned has a meeting with someone unexpected. Ava and Esme butt heads, while Sam tells Spencer she needs answers. Gladys figures out what Sasha has been hiding.

Sonny and Brando reconnect about the family’s difficulties in the garage. Portia raises her concerns about Trina’s condition to Curtis. TJ and Molly travel to Brooklyn in hopes of finding Marshall. Gladys pits Sasha against the pill bottle. Brook Lynn and Chase’s intimate moments are interrupted by an unwelcome arrival.