December 10, 2022

Jennifer Hillsberg is the beautiful wife of 52-year-old American football coach Bret Bielema.

Hillsberg has been a household name since marrying Bielema in 2012, and the couple gave birth to two beautiful souls, Briella Nichole Bielema and Brexli Nichole Bielema.

In addition, Brett, who previously worked as a nose guard at the University of Iowa, is head coach at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Previously, he was a coach at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (2006-2012) and the University of Arkansas (2013-2017). Bielema later became an NFL assistant coach for the New England Patriots (2018 and 2019) and the New York Giants (2020).

Jennifer Hielsberg Age: How Old Is She?

  • Quick Facts
  • Full Name Bret Arnold Bielema
  • Born January 13, 1970
  • Birthplace Silvis, Illinois, United States
  • Spouse Jennifer Bielema
  • Children Briella Nichole Bielema and Brexli Nichole Bielema

American football coach Bret Bielema’s beautiful wife, Jennifer Hielsberg, in her 30s, was born in Tampa, Florida, in 1985.


However, every year on January 12, Brett wishes his spouse a happy birthday and sends heartwarming messages via his Twitter account. The couple was born in the same month as the coach was born on January 13, 1970.

Image: Meet Brett Bielema’s wife
Bret’s wife, Jennifer Hielsberg, posted many photos on her social networking site. She uses the username @jenniferbielema on Instagram and @jenbielema on Twitter.


The couple has been very open, and Hillsberg has also interacted with the public and shared their lifestyle via social media. As of October 16, 2022, she has created 95 attachments and amassed 6.2 million followers.

The couple are very supportive and thankful for their trust and patience in their relationship. Because Bielema is a college head coach, his schedule is often hectic, while his other half is the one who looks after the kids while he’s traveling.

Bret Bielema has a loving family of four
Bielema is a loving family man who is loyal to his partner and their two beautiful daughters. They also have two lovely dogs.

The couple met when Brett was a coach in Wisconsin, fell in love and eventually walked down the aisle in Madison in 2012. The couple also celebrated their wedding anniversary on March 10.