September 25, 2022

Hunter Biden Crack Video On Watch Reddit and Twitter, 4Chan Icloud Was Exposed A video of Hunter Biden allegedly weighing his “crack” has gone viral on social media at the moment. In the video, he talks about how much crack he possessed with a prostitute.

US president Joe Biden once said that his son, Hunter was the smartest person he had known. But the president’s statement has now become “meme material” for internet users.

It all started when Hunter’s iCloud was hacked by 4Chan and a series of videos were exposed on the internet. One of such videos is he weighing the number of drugs he possesses and boasting about it with an alleged prostitute.

Watch Hunter Biden Crack Video On Reddit And Twitter

The Hunter Biden crack video is a trending topic on the internet, and you can easily find it on Reddit and Twitter.

The attorney, who is also Joe Biden’s second son, filmed himself weighing “cracks.” In the video, he appears to be holding what appears to be a crystal and talking about it with a woman suspected of being a prostitute.

However, this is not the first scandalous Hunter Biden video to circulate on the internet. Several videos showing him completely naked have also rocked the internet.

There is also a video of Hunter sliding down the pool naked. Not only that, but he was filmed with his iPhone.

Here’s the Hunter Biden crack video everyone’s talking about.