December 10, 2022


Yes, there are many beautiful museums and a heart-rending history in Berlin, but that’s not what makes Berlin Berlin and draws those who go here again and again. Today, Berlin is the most creative, the most innovative and the most innovative capital in Europe. Lots of companies are moving their European headquarters to Berlin to take advantage of this burst of creativity. It is among the top 5 cities in the world with the highest artist rate by population. If you do not experience the alternative and creative side of this city, you will miss Berlin big. Here, new social orders and alternative economies are being tried. For example, there is a wine house where you pay whatever you want, and we assure you that the system works! Berlin is a giant social laboratory.

If Berlin could be so free and creative, wouldn’t the nightlife be legendary? Berlin is falling apart at night. We couldn’t fit them here, so we made a separate list of suggestions.

We come to you from Berlin with our favorite, most different, most experimental “Berlin” experiences.

By the way, Berlin Nightlife meets all the entertainment, freedom and creativity you would expect from such a city. Let’s take a look.

1. Join Graffiti Tour and Workshop in Berlin!

Today’s new generation museums are the streets. Of course, the first city that comes to mind when talking about street art and graffiti is undoubtedly Berlin. The famous East Side Gallery, of course, has its place, but the blood sought is in the side streets of Berlin. But in general, the only thing we all do to get to know this sub-culture is to take pictures in front of graffiti and share them on social media. Good news for those who want to dive deeper into the event! In Berlin, the source of street art, there is a graffiti tour.

In the events organized by Alternative Berlin , Kreuzberg, the neighborhood where graffiti is most intense, is toured every inch of the way, accompanied by a guide, who is also a member of this community, and then the day ends with a graffiti workshop. During the day, you both learn about the unwritten rules of graffiti art and have an experience about graffiti that you will not encounter anywhere.

The tour starts every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 13:00 in front of the TV Tower at Alexanderplatz . It takes 4 hours in total. There are also walking tours of Alternative Berlin that start at 12.00 every Friday and Saturday, again in front of the TV Tower . Of course, these tours are not made on the classical touristic routes, but rather in the sub-cultural areas of Berlin that are open to discovery.

2. Discover Vintage Markets!

Although market culture is common in our country, unfortunately there is hardly any flea market culture. However, how beautiful it is to wander every inch of the flea market, to find things that have been experienced and full of experience, and buy them at affordable prices. Although the Mauerpark flea market in Berlin is one of the square aces of the flea markets in Europe, it is useful to be aware of other alternatives. Because now, this place has turned into a center of attraction, which is flooded by thousands of tourists every weekend. Also, here, the event started to turn from stalls selling second-hand vintage items to stalls selling designer items and replica vintage items. Click for location .

In pursuit of finding both original and affordable pieces, Berliners also preferred the flea market on Revaler Sokak . Although it may not be as big as its counterpart in Mauerpark, the RAW Flea Market here is an alternative address where you can find original and interesting products. Click for location .

3. A Sip of Alternate World Order, a Sip of Wine in Weinerei!

Update: Unfortunately, the venue had to change this system after Covid. There is no longer that unique concept where you set the price yourself.

This is an unusual wine bar. No menu, no set price list, no waiter! You only pay 1 Euro and get a glass and hang out as much as you want. You account for what you drink, and you pay whatever your heart desires when you leave. Would such a system survive in Turkey? Website Address: Fehrbelliner Str. 57, 10119 Click for location .

4. East Berlin Versus West Berlin Street Tour

Like street art, architecture is one of those that has a lot to say in the city. Especially for Berlin, which has been living at opposite poles for years as if it had been cut in half with a knife due to the Cold War. It is a completely different experience to make sense of the difference in ideology between East and West Berlin by looking at the surrounding structures.

Context Travel offers a 3-hour walking route where you can compare the architecture of East and West Berlin with a guide, with a focus on the Cold War, for groups of up to 6 people. The tour starts from Soviet-influenced East Berlin, Frankfurter Tor, and continues to the Hansaviertel, the famous high-rise area of ​​Liberal-influenced West Berlin. There are also other tours that will interest those interested in architecture, such as the Berlin Wall tour and 20th century Berlin Architecture from the Bauhaus to Futurism.

5. Attend a Berliner’s Home for Dinner!

Home and car sharing networks, which have just started to be used in our country, are such ordinary things in Europe that those who take the bus instead of using a Bla Bla Car while going from one place to another, and those who stay in a hotel instead of an Airbnb house, are almost regarded as aliens. Europe, after sharing its car and house, is now sharing its table.

Bonappetour offers a new alternative to those who are tired of Berlin’s classic restaurants: Being a guest at a Berliner’s house for dinner! Perfect for both good food and meeting new people. All you have to do is contact the person who is included in the network and offers you the menu or cuisine that suits you from among the options, and set a mutual date. While some hosts spare all their days for you and share the whole process from shopping to kitchen with you, others may only accept you to the table. Of course, which one you choose is entirely up to you. Bon appetit now!

6. If You Have To Work, Run Your Business From Betahaus!

This is a good example in Berlin of “open office” (co-working space) spaces open to collaboration and sharing, which are becoming increasingly common in our country . There is free wifi, workplaces and the opportunity to network with new people. In the cafe section inside, you can find fresh and delicious lunches and snacks from the weekly menu. In addition, you have the opportunity to organize small organizations such as meetings, presentations and invitations. In fact, Betahaus itself organizes various events, meetings and gatherings throughout the week that can help its people in their work. Website Address: Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 23 Working hours: Monday-Friday 08.00-22.00, Saturday 10.00-20.00, Sunday closed. Click for location .

7. Party Nostalgic at Clärchens Ballhaus!

Clarchens Ballhaus is an incredibly nostalgic dance/dining hall that shows what real fun can be like for those who are bored with Berlin’s squeaky nightlife . Located in a building dating from 1913 in the Mitte district, 2 halls officially transport you to the entertainment concept of another century. To the 1920s! Candles, white covered tables, wooden furniture, dance floor and of course disco ball…

Bands play live music on weekends. On weekdays, there are dance lessons such as tango on Tuesdays and waltz on Wednesdays. It has two main halls. The lower part is brighter and the upper part is the “Mirror Hall” with higher ceilings, heavily furnished, chandelier and candles . This hall has been preserved as it was 60 years ago. Because it was locked up until recently.

If you’re wondering how old-fashioned cabaret entertainment was, you should definitely stop by here. Working Hours: 11.00 – until the last guest leaves 🙂 The garden is also very pleasant and open until 23.00 in summer. Address: Auguststraße 24, 10117 Berlin Transportation: You can get off at the SBahn Berlin Oranienburger Straße stop and walk. Click for location .

8. Book Market
Berlin is a city very open to new discoveries made by chance. Although not very big, the Book Market next to the Bode Museum is one of the places to be discovered by chance. This is the perfect market for bookworms to find German and World classics. But it doesn’t have an audience like it does at flea markets. In fact, we can say that it is not touristic at all, but one of the places frequented by Berlin natives. Ironically, this book market is only minutes from Bebelplatz , where the Nazis destroyed 20,000 books in 1993 ! Getting there : SBahn Hackescher Markt or Oranienburger Str. to Museum Island. You get off at the stops. Click for location .