December 10, 2022

It is very important for people to constantly develop themselves and equip them with new knowledge and skills. Access to information has become both easier and more economical with educational platforms on the Internet. Then how about joining online courses? On this subject, we have compiled a few leading websites and applications in this article.


Udemy, which left Turkey and evolved into a company established in the Silicon Valley in San Francisco , is one of the leading actors in the digital education market, with 30 million students, 42,000 instructors in 50 languages, and 100,000 courses offered with 22 million minutes of video content. Moreover, unlike other educational platforms that are shaped by Universities’ content, Udemy allows content creators to create their own courses. There are also Turkish content. There are free courses as well as paid courses.


Coursera, which has more than 49 million students, 190 partner universities, and 4,000 courses, is one of the leading platforms in its field. In addition to the paid courses, the program includes hundreds of free courses, and you can also get an online certificate for a certain fee. In addition, through Coursera, you can enroll in master programs of contracted universities and obtain various specializations and degrees. Of course, these options are relatively higher priced than online courses.


edX is a platform established by Harvard and MIT, offering a program where you can take online courses in 31 different disciplines from communication to economics, chemistry to music. edX, a global nonprofit that aims to break down all three barriers to traditional education: cost, space and access, has more than 20 million learners and more than 2,400 content. In addition to the free lessons, there are also paid lessons. In addition, you can get a certificate from the courses for a certain fee.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy, whose mission is to “provide a free, world-class education for everyone, everywhere”, is a completely free platform with volunteer trainers offering training mainly for the education of children and youth. Khan Academy is free for both students and teachers, and offers students from kindergarten to college classes in math, grammar, science, history, SAT test preparation and more. Khan Academy’s founding partners include prominent names such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Google. Thanks to the iOS and Android applications, you can also follow the lessons on your mobile phone.


Udacity is a non-profit platform that offers more niche learning opportunities than other programs. Udacity, which offers a program focused on computer sciences such as data science, artificial intelligence and programming, has about 200 courses that are completely free (but do not offer a certificate).


Alison is an online learning platform that offers courses focused mainly on business-oriented skills such as finance, software, entrepreneurship. The biggest feature of Alison is that all lessons are free. Alison, which has 14 million students in 195 countries so far, has 1000 different course contents.