September 25, 2022

The fourth season of Netflix’s acclaimed Stranger Things series managed to achieve great success in 28 days. The series became the second most watched series of the platform.

Returning to the screens again after three years, Netflix’s popular series Stranger Things achieved great success all over the world with its release. The fourth season, which turned the series into a production with a much higher budget, was able to demonstrate this success with data.

The first episode of the last season of the series, signed by the brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, has become the second most watched series on Netflix. The first episode, consisting of seven episodes, reached more than 781 million watch hours in total after 28 days of release. The watch time in the first week of the new season was measured as 335 hours.

Squid Game, which took the whole world by storm last year, was the only TV show where the fourth season of Stranger Things could not pass in the watch time. While the fourth season of Stranger Things was watched 781 million hours in total, the watch time of Squid Game was 1.65 billion hours in its first 28 days.

Stranger Things season four has garnered positive comments from viewers all over the world. The series, which has over an hour in each episode, will return to the screens on July 1 with the second part of the fourth season. The second part of the series, which will make the final, is expected to meet with great interest.