December 10, 2022

If you think of a heart-shaped pillow when you think of gift ideas for your valentine , the suggestions here may not turn you on. In this article, we focused on gifts that you can give not only to your lover, but also to your relationship.

The sad truth is; We do not strengthen our relations. Actually, we don’t just mean the relationship between a couple; We mean our relationships with all the people we care about, including our friends, co-workers, parents and children. Relationships are living beings, and they need nourishment.

The problem is that we don’t make new memories together. We spend time together, but we do not add anything new to our joint relationship. After a certain point, conversations inevitably get stuck between telling each other what’s going on in our lives, reminiscing old memories, and talking about common acquaintances.

That’s why we wanted our valentine’s gift suggestions to be things that add excitement to the relationship, not things sitting on a shelf in the house. For those who want to keep their relationships alive, we have a bag of gift suggestions that will bring new memories.

1. Give a Gift of Going to Mixology / Barista Training Together

Mixology and barista training are popular hobbies this year. Coffee master MOC offers 1-day courses on coffee making at home. Expert training on spirits is at IWSA . MSA , on the other hand, organizes workshops between 1-4 days in both categories throughout the year. In our opinion, attending these workshops with a loved one and presenting the course itself is a very thoughtful Christmas present.

2. Gift a Tulip Card

She is her mother in many father events such as İKSV, Istanbul Music Festival, Istanbul Jazz Festival, Istanbul Biennial and Istanbul Film Festival. 🙂 Tulip card is also a membership card of the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, which gives many discounts and privileges to its owner. It’s a great gift if you say “Let my beloved spend quality time in the city”. It is clear that he will also take you on his arm.

In this program, there are cards in five different categories: Black, White, Red, Yellow Tulip and Blue Tulip. The scope of benefits and prices of each category are different. Tulip Card to Review

3. Box Of Us – Subscribe to Love Box

A gift for both of you. Think of a box, it will come to your door every month and there will be things that will add color to the lives of the couples, that will enable them to produce, do, learn and get to know each other better, albeit indirectly, with the philosophy of “produce yourself”. Whatever you get out of the box that month. A puzzle, maybe a sushi making kit, maybe seeds to grow beans in a pot, maybe a massage lesson… All of them are prepared by a matchmaking company that puts rings on many fingers to add passion and have fun in relationships. Unfortunately, you cannot buy these boxes individually, you have to subscribe. The reason for this was that he prepared the relationship step by step.

4. A New Way to Leave Flowers on the Door in the Romantic Gifts Department

Giant service to all lovers from Sunday Flower Shop ! When you subscribe to this service, seasonal flowers are delivered to your door on a weekly or monthly basis. Just imagine, an arrangement of fresh seasonal flowers is never missing from your office or home every month. You still have the freedom to start and end your subscription at any time. Women already love flowers, but men who give this gift much more love it than the one who receives it. After all, the flowers that come to the office every month are the best way to shout, “Go away, this girl has a girlfriend”. 😀

5. We Will Not Say Travel Gift, We Will Tell You How You Can Do It In This Economy 🙂

Yes, we know, it’s been a long time since it was a tip that the best way to add excitement to the relationship was to travel. And that’s not all, we wanted to give you a few tips on how you can do it in the current environment’s challenges:

1. We used to fly free with Miles to convert your fixed expenses into
miles, but earning miles has become very difficult in recent years. That’s why Miles & Smiles’s many miles campaign is a really good opportunity. For this, of course, you need to have a Miles & Smiles credit card, which is a joint product of Garanti Bank and THY. This card gives 2 miles for every 1 TL spent at Carrefour, Opet, Enterprise, Watsons, Teknosa, Arçelik and Beko. 1 TL = 4 miles at Rixos hotels. Supermarket and gas are inevitable expenses that come out of our pockets every month. You can even use these expenses alone to collect miles. The campaign ends on 31 December. Click for information .