December 9, 2022

Watch House of the Dragon Episode 9 full online free. Watch  the 9th episode trailer of House of the Dragon, when is the new episode? Where will it be published?

House of the Dragon series, which takes place in the A Song of Ice and Fire universe and tells the prequel to Game of Thrones, continues to be broadcast on the HBO channel. The series will make the season finale after 2 episodes.

Filmed as a spin-off of Game of Thrones, the series tells about 200 years before the events we know from the main series. The trailer of the 9th episode gives clues for the season finale.

It is possible to feel the uncanny atmosphere of Westeros in the series, which tells the history of the Targaryen household, which we know with the character of Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones. Many dragons are also seen in the series, which also leads bloody wars, throne fights, and political events.

Adapted from George RR Martin’s “Fire and Blood”, the series recently received a second season approval. The story, in which time jumps took place for 10 years after the first 5 episodes and 6 years after the 7th episode, brings us a little closer to Game of Thrones.

There was no official platform where House of the Dragon, which met the audience on HBO screens, was broadcast in Turkey until the 7th episode. HBO’s digital platform, HBO Max, has just become official to start broadcasting in Turkey, and the company is about to reach an agreement with RTÜK.

In addition to this information, it has been confirmed that beIN CONNECT has purchased the rights to the series and will broadcast the remaining episodes on the same day and time as the original broadcaster.

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