October 3, 2022

The meaning of seeing a dog in a dream is among the subjects that people are most curious about. The meaning of seeing a dog in a dream differs according to the way it is seen. However, the dog is generally interpreted positively.

There are various interpretations of seeing a dog in a dream. Anyone who sees a dog in a dream may experience psychological problems.

Dogs are known to be loyal, but dogs that appear in dreams, on the contrary, mean unfaithful, distant. Sometimes it symbolizes the persistent dog waiting at the door in a positive sense, and sometimes it gets tired of the beggar. Dogs that are described as faithful in reality are sometimes symbolized by the faithful symbol (of the dreamer); It shows that he is protecting his property and life. As a dream interpretation, it indicates that he protects his soul and his quickness. The dog, which sometimes appears by expressing these meanings, can also appear with different aspects. For example; There is a dog whose mouth is drooling but does not attack but feels like it will attack. This means that bad words will be heard from your very close ones, and insults will be heard. Not only seeing a dog, but also trying to give blessings to the dog, trying to get closer and trying to touch it for love is a sign of abundant food. He is also tired of the fact that the person will achieve success in business life.

Seeing a dog in a dream directly indicates making enemies. However, in some cases, it indirectly indicates that success will be achieved in business life. The vaguely appearing dog; It is a sign that anyone in the immediate environment may be an enemy. A dog that shows itself directly indicates that it will be hostile in the near future. The dog’s approach to you personally indicates that it will ensure success in business life. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the intention of the approaching dog. While it is highly probable that an enemy will be made for the dog that approaches without intention, the approach of the dog that does not have the instinct to bite indicates that you will be successful in business life.


Biting a dog, tired of grief, distress, and illness, is not viewed as positive. Dog bite in dream; He gets tired that your relative will put you in a difficult situation and cause you problems. In the dream, the dog bites the arm; it indicates grief and illness, if the arm is bitten or not, it indicates that the grief will increase and grow. However, if the bitten arm bleeds, it indicates that the grief and illness will be short-lived, and the people you are in close relationship with will be more cautious.


The attack of a dog in the dream is psychologically bad, it is tired of being harmed and bad things are near.

Dog attack in a dream; It means that wicked people who want your evil and cannot attract you will harm you. He gets tired that these wicked people have their eyes on your property. They want you to experience material losses and be caught in a series of failures. In short, they want you to fall and they move accordingly. You need to be careful in this process. You can take a cautious step towards these people whose sole purpose is to slip your feet.


It indicates that your close friends are in a plan against you. It indicates that malicious people will instill their intentions on you and make you inclined to make mistakes.


To see a white dog in a dream indicates that the person who sees the dream is warned. He gets tired of the fact that people who have successful work in business life and who rise in their position should not have too much contact with their colleagues. It is a sign that some of them may cause problems because they are jealous of their success. By being cautious, you will be warned to take the right moves against those who want to slip your feet. There is also seeing the puppy of a white dog in a dream, which means that the person who sees the dream will have a fruitful period. It means that this abundance will be experienced in business life, as well as that a new member will join the family. With the coming child, it is seen that the peaceful period will come as well as sustenance and abundance in the family.


The breed and color of the dogs seen in the dream are important. If the black dog seen in the dream; It means that strangers will interfere in your life in some way (including people who were strangers a short time ago, even if they are close circles).

SEEING A Flock of Dogs in Dreams

He gets tired of the fact that the number of malicious people around the person is high. It indicates the existence of people who want to push you into the pit by making malicious plans all the time. In case of being cautious towards these people; It indicates that success will be achieved in business life, spiritual wealth will be gained, and an established order will be provided. He also gets tired that what is expected will come true one by one. If the attack of dogs seen in a herd is in question; He gets tired of pursuing dangerous work and diminishing fertility. If he is just chasing, it means that there are people who want his evil after him.


It is a sign that bad things will happen even if it is psychologically good. Feeding a dog in a dream indicates that you will become friends with a very malicious person. It means that that person will be loyal to you, but will not fail to do harm to others. He gets tired that you ignore the evil that this person has done and that you will not speak up for the evil he may do in the future. While feeding a dog in a dream, taking your food in front of you is interpreted badly. It is interpreted that you will benefit from that person you are friends with. If you feed the dog with your own hands, he will get tired that others will get hurt because of you.