December 10, 2022

If one of the most exciting aspects of Paris is the delicious food you will eat, you are in the right place.

First of all, let’s start by saying this: The most popular places in Paris fill up weeks in advance, long queues form in front of those who do not take reservations, and eating at places you eagerly await turns into a pain. We don’t want you to get nervous or to lose your time in waiting lines. Don’t worry too much, after all, you are in Paris and there are places to eat in every neighborhood, even though they have not made a name for themselves. Even if you don’t do any programming, you can find good places to eat and drink in your own flow of the day.

However, since France is a place that has shaped the world with its food and beverage culture and is famous for its cafes and chefs, we know that you rightfully want to take advantage of the opportunities you have. That’s why we have prepared a food and beverage list with plenty of options for you against the threat that most places will be full. If you bounce on at least one of them, there’s a good chance you’ll be lucky with the others. We have divided them into different categories, from traditional French restaurants to Michelin-starred restaurants, from historical cafes famous for their famous regulars to hip terrace bars, from neo-bistros to patisseries.

Have fun!!!

IMPORTANT: Remember that most restaurants in France operate from 12:00 to 14:00 and from 19:00 to 22:00. They also have different working hours on weekends. Be prepared to hear the answer that we don’t have food service frequently from the restaurants you enter between 14-19. In cafes, crepes, bakeries, patisseries and immigrants’ restaurants, the service generally continues uninterrupted. Before you go to Paris, be sure to read our Paris Guide so that you can plan your trip in the most accurate way, both in terms of time and budget.


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Budget Tips for Restaurants
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What to Eat in Paris

You can try the classics of French cuisine in Paris, such as onion soup, oyster & champagne, quiche, escargot, foie gras, meat tartare, Burgundy style meat, and steaks with various sauces. You can read the Most Famous French Foods You Must Try , here.

But actually the heart of traditional French cuisine is known as Lyon. Paris, on the other hand, is a dynamic city where cultures mix and innovations are embraced. Therefore, while trying traditional French cuisine in Paris, do not forget to explore the modern face of the city, such as cocktail bars with tapas-style menus, neo-bistros, American-style brunches and fusion restaurants that are overflowing after work.

Budget Tips for Restaurants

You won’t find an evening menu for less than 40 Euros in stylish places. In our opinion, you can find similar tastes in an average restaurant. Main courses in an average restaurant are between 15 – 25 Euros. Of course, we keep private chef restaurants separate. They are different.

If you want it to be economical, even if you make a sandwich-beverage from the oven or a crepe-drink while standing, it will go up to 8 Euros. Here are some helpful tips if you want to budget:

Make reservations for the special places you want to go at noon. There are more affordable set menus at noon.

Homemade wine is usually the most affordable option. You can easily choose “house vine” as there will be no restaurant serving bad wine in France. In addition to the glass and bottle, there is also a half-liter option called “pichet” in France. 25 cl (2 glasses) is 50 cl and sometimes 100 cl.

There are 2 types of prices in bakeries, cafes and delis. Cheaper if you buy a package, more expensive if you sit down. Drinking coffee at the bar in cafes is more affordable than sitting at the table.

Bottled water is chargeable, jug water is free. The city water of Paris is suitable for drinking. People usually consume tap water anyway. At restaurants, you can also say carafe d’eau (pronounced “carafe do”) and ask for tap water in a jug.

There are also artisan restaurants where you can find affordable French delicacies called Bouillon. There is no reservation here, you wait at the door. Generally, the service is slow in France, but the service is fast in Bouillons and the circulation is high. Especially the Buildon Chartier is the most well-known. The Pigalle branch is relatively new, but the oldest, nostalgic and historic branches are the Grands Boulevards branch and the Art Nouveau branch in Montparnasse. Paper is laid on the tables and the account is written on this paper. If you go, definitely eat profiteroles. It’s not creamy, it’s ice cream.

Order it knowing that they charge extra for bread, butter. These eyes once saw that even the slice of lemon required to put in the soda was charged separately. France is such a place, admit it.

Tip in Paris
Although there is no net service charge in the account, 15% service is included in the account in France. But still, customers also leave a little bit by rounding the bill. It’s like completing 18 Euros to 20…

Paris Location Map

  1. tradi
  2. verjus
  3. Les Antiquaires
  4. Poulette
  5. Chez la Vieille
  6. Roger La Grenouille
  7. Josephine Chez Dumonet
  8. L’Ami Jean
  9. Le Train Blue
  10. L’Assiette
  11. anicia
  12. Lastre Sans Apostrophe
  13. Le Comptoir General
  14. Pink Mama
  15. Ober Mamma
  16. Pizza Popolare
  17. frenchie
  18. Frenchie Bar a Vins
  19. French Paradox
  20. Marrow
  21. La Felicita
  22. Ground Control
  23. kei
  24. epicure
  25. L’Ambroisie
  26. Alleno Paris
  27. Le Cing
  28. Guy Savoy
  29. L’Arpege
  30. Le Pre Catelan
  31. Pierre Gagnaire
  32. Virtus
  33. abri
  34. pantagruel
  35. Auguste
  36. L’innocence
  37. Jacques Faussat
  38. automne
  39. Quinsou
  40. Restaurant L’Ange 20
  41. FTG
  42. Boullion Chartier Grands Boulevards
  43. Boullion Chartier Montparnasse
  44. Bouillon Pigalle
  45. Marché des Enfants Rouges
  46. Au Pied de Fouet
  47. Frac Frac
  48. La Bete Noire
  49. Café de Flore
  50. Les Deux Magots
  51. Le Procope
  52. Le Procope
  53. Angelina
  54. La Closerie Des Lilas
  55. Café de la Paix
  56. Charbon Cafe
  57. Café de la Rotonde
  58. Café de la Rotonde
  59. La Coupole
  60. Le Grand Vefour
  61. Le Polidor
  62. Gravity Bar
  63. Little Red Door
  64. Le Syndicat
  65. La Poudriere
  66. La Mangerie
  67. Le Barav
  68. Le Petit Moulin des Mauvais Garçons
  69. La Reserve Du Terroir
  70. bambino
  71. La Casbah
  72. Pavillon Puebla
  73. Rosa Bonheur sur Seine
  74. Rosa Bonheur Bois de Vincennes
  75. Rosa Bonheur Buttes Chaumont
  76. Javelle Tavern
  77. à la folie
  78. IMA Summer Club
  79. Le Perchoir Marais
  80. Le Perchoir Menilmontant
  81. Pedzouille La Grange
  82. Terrass” Rooftop Bar
  83. The Shed
  84. Galeries Lafayette Rooftop
  85. L’Oiseau Blanc
  86. Girafe Restaurant
  87. Les Ombres
  88. Restaurant Maison Blanche
  89. Neko Ramen
  90. ran
  91. happatei
  92. you
  93. Tran Tran Zai
  94. Tiger Tiger
  95. Banoi
  96. Song Heng
  97. Cedric Grolet
  98. Odette
  99. Chocolate Alain Ducasse
  100. Pierre Herme
  101. La Maison du Chocolat
  102. Jacques Genin
  103. L’Eclair de Genie
  104. Jean-Paul Hevin
  105. Patrick Roger
  106. Henri Le Roux
  107. Yann Couvreur
  108. Edward Chocolatier
  109. Patisserie Tomo
  110. Du Pain et des Idees
  111. Holybelly 5
  112. holybelly 19
  113. BigLove
  114. La Buvette
  115. Kafkaf
  116. Eggs & Co.
  117. The Hardware Société Paris