December 9, 2022

Friends, one of the most critical issues is where to stay in San Francisco. As you know, San Francisco is very expensive. Choosing places where you can travel without taxis, by walking or cycling as much as possible, makes a huge difference in the budget. It has a developed public transportation network compared to other American cities, but it is famous for its buses that do not come. You can view the public transport map here.

Also, while some neighborhoods are fine during the day, they can be deserted by disturbing people in the evening. When people wake up in the morning, they may encounter situations such as having their car windows broken. We can’t say it’s dangerous for San Francisco, but you shouldn’t put your finger in the blind eye. Another shocking issue is the number of homeless and mentally ill people in the city. It is said that they were collected from other cities and brought here because they were well taken care of here. People are often uncomfortable with their presence, but please remember that it is those who are most at risk.

It is interesting that the coastline of San Francisco is not developed and preferred. Generally idle, industrial areas. These places have also gradually transformed, but have not yet settled down.

With points like these in mind, we’ve rounded up the best areas to stay in San Francisco and the best hotels there.

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Where to Stay in San Francisco

Each neighborhood has its own unique character and history. You should read them in our guide to Places to Visit in San Francisco . This will be very important when choosing the neighborhood where you will stay. Let’s take a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of neighborhoods:

Best Neighborhoods
Haight-Ashbury: The star of the “Summer of Love”, the dynamo of the hippie movement of the city, Haight-Ashbury is one of San Francisco’s most characterful neighborhoods and one of the most architecturally pleasing places. There are small boutiques, sweet cafes and Victorian houses. Its proximity to Golden Gate Park is also a bonus. But you have to be comfortable with the smell of grass. In California, cannabis is a legal and socially accepted issue of opinion. It would not be a lie to say that smoking is a much bigger taboo.

Nob Hill: The most decent neighborhood among the central places. The locals even nicknamed it “Snob Hill”. As a result, the city’s most stylish hotels and restaurants are here. If you don’t have budget constraints, you can consider it. The only downside is that it’s very steep.

Union Square: Union Square, which is the most touristic place of the city, is very central. It is close to many tourist attractions and the public transport connection is very good. Those who come to San Francisco for business generally prefer it because of its proximity to the Financial District. But it’s not the right place for an authentic San Francisco experience.

Hayes Valley: A district full of cafes and boutiques again Hayes Valley is one of the most pleasant districts of the city. On the one hand, it is lively and on the other hand, it is not as touristic as Union Square. From here, it is possible to reach several key points easily on foot.

Neighborhoods We Recommend in Second Place
SoMa: So South of Market is one of the preferred places to stay with its location right next door to downtown. In the past, industrial buildings turned into a neighborhood with the arrival of technology companies. There are a lot of trendy and innovative restaurants. Public transport is also convenient; Lots of buses pass by. Thus, the transition to the rail transport system called BART is also easy. But it is a somewhat cold and characterless neighborhood. The highway runs through it. However, a rather large area is divided into sub-neighborhoods, even if it is not too obvious from the map. Between 3rd Street and Embarcadero you might think it’s the smoothest place, but as a general principle east of 5th Street is fine. Some neighborhoods are good, some are not. The hotels we recommend are on the good side.

Castro: Being the LGBTI+ center of the city, Castro is also the most fun option for those who want to be close to the nightlife (unless you are homophobic). It is the most colorful place in the city, both metaphorically and literally. Another beauty is its proximity to Dolores Park.

North Beach – San Francisco’s little Italy.

Chinatown – San Francisco’s Chinatown. The largest Chinese settlement outside of China.

Neighborhoods We Don’t Prefer
– We do not recommend any neighborhood that is not central. Don’t make the mistake of seeing the Golden Gate Bridge or being close to the beach. Go gel is not worth the time you wasted. Do not be fooled by the fact that it is affordable, its money is quite high on the roads.

There are places that are central but we would not recommend:
– Tenderloin. You can think of it like the back streets of Beyoğlu. Some people may not prefer to stay here, as there are more support units & clinics for drug addicts and homeless people.

– Although Mission is a neighborhood where locals drop by and love, and I would recommend anyone going to San Francisco to drop their way, it is not for everyone to stay in because it has the same disadvantages as Tenderloin. Mission is rapidly transforming with the arrival of tech companies, so it’s not as troublesome as Tenderloin.