December 10, 2022

Blake Shapen is an American football quarterback (QB) for the Baylor Bears in the NCAA Division I Football League. He joined Texas as a freshman in 2020 and has since become one of the club’s most important players.

In Baylor’s recent win over Albany at McLean Stadium, secondback Blake Shapon proved why he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the league. His performance against Albany was highly praised by pundits and commentators.

  1. On Saturday, head coach Dave Aranda was sensitive about his reasons for choosing Shapen, a decision he made back in the spring and Bohanon’s move to USF. Blake replaced 2021 starter Gribohanon and quickly became a regular on the team. CBS Sports National College Football writer Shehan Jeyarajah tweeted about Shapen, saying, “So Blake can throw Shapen, good to know.”
  • Full Name Blake Shapen
  • Birthplace Shreveport, Louisiana
  • Height 6 ft (183 cm)
  • Weight 200 lbs
  • Nationality American
  • Parents Ken and Pam Shapen
  • Profession Football Quarterback
  • Team Baylor Bears


Who are the parents of Baylor QB Blake Shapen? His origin and race explained
American football quarterback Blake Shapen’s parents are Pam and Ken Shapen. You have always supported Blake’s career choice and gave him all the support he needs.

Additionally, his parents are of Caucasian ancestry and are from Shreveport, Louisiana, where Blake was born and raised. His nationality is American and he is Christian.

Also, he’s not Ken and Pam’s only child. Blake grew up with two siblings, Vaughan and Kyle. His uncle, Hal Sutton, was also an athlete, but in a different sport. Hal is a professional golfer with a record 15 wins.


5 Facts You Need To Know About The American Football Player Blake Shapen


Quarterback Blake Shapen is fortunate to have an amazing 6-foot (183 cm) height. Sometimes he uses his size to take advantage of opponents in the game. Plus, his 200-pound weight is another key factor that allows him to physically dominate the game.

The Baylor Bears QB is shy about his age and doesn’t mention his age anywhere on his social profiles or in the media. But one thing is clear: He’s a young star, probably in his early twenties. Feel free to correct it if it’s not correct. In addition, NCAA quarterback J.J. McCarthy is a player for the Michigan Wolverines and is only 19 years old.

Shapen began his college football career as a freshman on the high school team Evangel Christian Academy. He played under coach Byron Dawson and was drafted in the 2019 Under Armour All-American baseball game at Wrigley Field. During his time at the academy, he passed for 2,049 yards with 24 touchdowns and five blocks.


He joined the Baylor Bears in June 2020 after the Baylor Bears made an offer to him in January. On Nov. 27, the redshirt freshman, a four-star Evangelical Christian Academy nominee, started his first game for Baylor and led the Bears to a 27-24 victory over Texas Tech.
After playing just five games for the Baylor Bears last year, Shapen is now in control of Waco’s offense. While Gerry Bohanon had a terrific season last season, Dave Aranda moved into shape in the spring and has never looked back.

Shreveport native Shapen is subtle but active on social media. His Instagram account @bshape8 has 24 posts but manages to have 9.7k followers. Most of his uploads relate to football and photos during games.