September 25, 2022

DonorSee chief executive Gret Glyer, 32, was found shot dead at his home in Fairfax on June 24, 2022.

Who Is Joshua Danehower?

DonorSee is an organization, an internet platform for giving to those in need, where donors can track their contributions and the impact of their donations via video. Glyer’s main goal is to create an international aid network for the world’s poorest people.

Tragically, he was brutally killed in his own home and Joshua Danny Howell was taken into custody for the murder. He was arrested for the murder of a non-profit chief executive who was found dead at his Fairfax home.

Murder suspect Gretel Gale has been arrested
Gret Glyer’s death has been confirmed and authorities are investigating the incident, which is believed to be a homicide. According to police, they received a call at 2:57 a.m. from an adult resident who reportedly heard gunfire in the 9800 block of Boston Country Court.

Today, after five days, Joshua Danehower has been detained by the police in relation to Gret’s murder. Back on that day, on Friday, when police officers arrived at the location at around 3 a.m, they discovered 32-year-old Glyer dead from gunshot wounds.


Furthermore, she stated during a press conference on Wednesday that Glyer was asleep in bed when Joshua Daniel Danehower, 33, of Arlington, Virginia, shot him multiple times in his sleep. His wife was sleeping right next to him.

Gret was a man with a heart of gold who used his website DonorSee to raise money to support the needy. The father of two started his charitable work after he went as a teacher in Malawi and saw the people who could use help.

After his cold murder, his family and wellwishers issued a statement reading “We never stop grieving the passing of Gret Glyer, our illustrious founder and friend.”