September 25, 2022

Who is Myra Khan aka myrakhan? Adoption Center Child Abuse Faces Backlash On TikTok news.

Myra Khan’s video is currently going viral on social media. A video of her abusing a child has drawn attention online.

A video of a woman beating a child has surfaced on Twitter. The video shows that the child did not want to eat the meal, but the woman forced her to do so.

According to multiple reports, the woman is said to be an employee of the adoption center. The child appears to be ready for adoption. The video also shows a third person, who may be a relative of the child or someone else working at the adoption center.

Who is Myra Khan, also known as Myra Khan? Adoption Center Backlash Against Child Abuse
Myra Khan works at an adoption center.

Additionally, she is a TikTok content creator who uploaded a video of her child being abused after refusing to eat. The child will be adopted.

It looks like she shared the video for different reasons, but it has backlashed on her. People on social media are forwarding hateful comments about the woman.

We haven’t been able to find out Myra Khan’s employer until now. Several reports say that she is based in the United States, but the video shows her speaking a different language.

Furthermore, the video was shared by a Palestinian Youtuber, Aqil. So, the incident might have happened in Palestine.