October 3, 2022

What is the real name of Youtuber Gloom, known as a social media phenomenon? Is Youtuber Gloom dead? Is Youtuber Gloom alive? Why did Youtuber Gloom die?

What Happened To YouTuber Gloom? Is she alive or dead?

Gloom has been absent on social media for a while now. Additionally, she has not uploaded any videos to her YouTube channel, and the most recent video she published there was five months ago.

Online death rumors regarding Gloom have recently started to circulate, but there is no evidence to support them. Since neither Gloom’s family nor friends have spoken out about the matter, they are now merely hoaxes.

She discussed feeling several lumps in her chest and speculating that she might have breast cancer in her most recent videos. She did not, however, say what ailment she is genuinely dealing with.

She told her fans that she would be taking a break from Youtube since she had become burned out from working so much and was also concerned about her health.

After that, Gloom stopped providing updates on her health problems. However, her supporters have praised her decisions and lavished her with affection on social media.

Youtuber Gloom Real Name ?

Kassima Isabelle, Gloom’un gerçek adıdır. 2011’de yaşam tarzı temalı YouTube kanalı CloudyApples’ta çevrimiçi olarak çıkış yaptı. İki yıllık bir aradan sonra 2013’te geri döndü, ancak tüm videolarını silmeden önce değil.

Devam etme kararını verdikten sonra, 2015 yılında “GloomGames” adında yeni bir YouTube kanalı başlattı ve daha sonra adı “Gloom” olarak değiştirildi.